About The Buzz Energy
The Buzz Energy - is a Social Media platform made up of an open, free and completely honest online community. Find out what is happening anytime, anywhere.

1- Who We Are.

We are a network of Businesses, families, friends and the best solution to private communication through text, video, Photo and audio. It's now much safer and easier to connect to your nearest businesses of other Business from abroad and connecting with them or building relationships. Posting your buzz or work on your business Brand is key to product and company exposure to friends and families on The Buzz Energy who may eventually become potential customers or clients to your business. 

2- Connecting With Friends & Family

Connecting with your friends or families from a long distance has not been easy in the past due to the amount of airtime or video calling costs, but through the Buzz Energy Free Video and audio calling you are now free to call your loved ones without worrying about the costs as we give you 20 mins free a month.